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"The Calming Queen" visits 3rd Grade: This year’s third grade class began participating in the New York State ELA Assessments in April. To assist our third graders and calm any testing jitters, “The Calming Queen” came to visit. She facilitated a meditation exercise to better organize our thoughts, calm our bodies, and help to focus our minds so that they could tackle that day’s tasks with confidence and ease. Thank you, Mrs. Friedman!    
Student Council Field Trip Student Council Field Trip: The members of Student Council took a field trip to Greek Peak last Friday to do some project adventure team building. The group learned a lot about cooperation, communication, and teamwork through the various activities.  They also got to enjoy trying out the zip lines, mountain coaster, and euro bungee! A great time was had by all!     
2018 Prom Royalty 2018 Prom Royalty: We are honored to announce our 2018 King and Queen of the Prom “Paris at Night” Sam Parks and Brianna Cook and our 2018 Prince and Princess Chris Pickert and Mia Underwood.  It was a beautiful and memorable evening with fun had by all.  We would like to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to all of the churches, businesses, agencies, and individuals who donated to our after-prom party.  It was through your generosity that we were able to offer this wonderful opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime.  ~Mrs. Harriger and Miss Neusell  
Teacher of the Year Teacher of the Year: Brooke Langford is the recipient of the 2018 Cortland Rotary Lavona Schneider Teacher of the Year for McGraw Central School District. She was honored at a special Rotary Luncheon Meeting on May 22, 2018 and was presented a certificate and a $100 stipend for enhancing instruction in her classroom.   To win the award, the recipient must exemplify the Rotary motto “Service Above Self.”                           (1) Demonstrates teaching excellence and commitment in the classroom;                           (2) Engages in ...
Critical Coding Critical Coding:   Fifth grade math enrichment students work together and problem solve the coding necessary to finish an activity in the "Critical Thinking Through Coding" curriculum created by CNYRIC using Spheros and Cubelets.
Grade 2 Published Authors Grade 2 Published Authors:   McGraw 2 nd graders in Mrs. Rolewicz’s classroom know what it takes to become published authors!  Together, with the help of their teachers, students created a story that officially turned into a published book.  Students collaborated and worked together right down to the smallest details.  First, they brainstormed ideas and came up with a topic and theme for their story.  Then, they developed characters, a setting, a problem, and a solution that shaped their one-of- a- kind story.  This story was very important to them as it is based around bullying awareness.  The story takes place in a candy land world full of delicious characters that work together to stand up for one another against bullying.  ...
Cubelets Cubelets: Students enjoy coding with cubelets during their 4th grade math enrichment time at the library.
Spring Elementary Concerts Spring Elementary Concerts: Our Spring Elementary Concerts are rapidly approaching! The concert for grades 3-5 is on Wednesday, May 16. The concert for grades 1-2 is on Tuesday, May 29, the day after Memorial Day. Both concerts are at 7 pm at the High School Auditorium.     The students in third, fourth, and fifth grades are working on Songs for Working Together. These include songs for unity, songs for friendship, and traditional work songs. Students in grades one and two are learning songs from “It’s a Hit!”, a short musical about working together on a team and keeping focused no matter what the situation may be. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the performances!
Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet: The ninth graders are currently reading  Romeo and Juliet . Class volunteers step up to perform the famous balcony scene where the young couple first profess their love for one another.    
Second Annual 5th Grade Career Day Second Annual 5th Grade Career Day: On Thursday April 19, 2018, the 5 th grade class hosted their second annual Career Day.  Presenters from around the community came to the elementary to talk with the students about their career and life experiences that helped them chose a career path.  Nine people came in to present and students were able to attend three presentations each.  There were eight career fields represented:  Farm/Agriculture, Coach/Athlete, Computer/Information Technology, Veterinarian, Environment, Automotive/Transportation, Law Enforcement, and Factory/Manufacturing.  The students did a wonderful job and were very engaged with all of the presenters.  The presenters all commented about what a wonderful time they ...
Landscapes Landscapes: In art class, first grade students learn the meaning of "foreground," "middleground," and "background" creating landscapes.  The students then created their own landscapes noting that things get bigger the closer they are, and things get smaller the further away they are.    
Spheros Spheros: Third grade students spend their recess mastering the spheros by completing their missions!
Our Speech and Language is Blooming Our Speech and Language is Blooming: Spring has arrived in McGraw.  This brings many opportunities for expanding speech/language and increasing vocabulary!  In the speech room, students are incorporating spring into speech practice, we will be making pinwheels with synonym and antonym words, we will be coloring umbrellas with our targeted speech sounds and students are looking forward to planting seeds. We will read books about different kinds of flowers as well as the animals that help them grow.  Students excel when they participate in activities they enjoy.  Spring is a great time to enjoy fun times as a family communicating.    Take a walk to the park, talk about the season of spring, ask questions, such as, What do we wear in the spring?,  How is spring ...
Kahoot Kahoot: Miss Fish, High School Librarian, worked with Ms. Coombs’s 6th grade Reading class.  The class is reading Carry On, Mr. Bowditch by Jean Lee Latham. Miss Fish developed a quiz on Kahoot, as a way to assess their knowledge and understanding of the book.  The students were excited to use Kahoot and did well on the quiz. For more information on Kahoot you can go to .
Yoga Yoga: Students doing Yoga at the Elemtentary Afterschool Program instructed by Mrs. Friedman.  
NYS Mathematics NYS Mathematics: Fourth and fifth grade math students have been working hard all year long.  It will be their time to shine when we return after spring break.  The NYS Mathematics assessment will be given on May 2 and 3.  A few sayings that have been used throughout the year to encourage students to work to the best of their ability are: "Different strokes for different folks."  "If you can eliminate, that's great!"  "It's multiple choice, not multiple guess."  "Don't overthink."  
Naturalization Ceremony Naturalization Ceremony: Twenty-two 10th grade students were witness to 8 people becoming citizens during a Naturalization ceremony held on April 10th at the Cortland County Courthouse.  The students were also able to have a question and answer session with Judge Rumsey, District Attorney Perfetti, and the officer from Immigration and Customs.       
Keyboarding Keyboarding:   This past January, kindergarten students were introduced to the typing program "Keyboarding without Tears".  Although sometimes a daunting task, the students persevere to master the skills as well as have fun while learning.
Story Steps Story Steps: Students in all grades love a good book as well as the story steps to read them on!    
HS Honor Roll - 30 Weeks HS Honor Roll - 30 Weeks: 30 WEEK HONOR ROLL  6th GRADE HIGH HONOR ROLL Doty, Kyle Euson, Kendre  Heath, Noah Luzum, Keira Wilson, Hannah  6th GRADE HONOR ROLL Bassett, Jaydon  Benjamin, Emily  Conkrite, Riley  Guernsey, Noah  Hudson, Kimberly  Little, Hunter  Mancini, Nicholas Marshall, Jaden McCool, Shannon  Tetreault, Kirsten  West, Nicholas  7th GRADE HIGH HONOR ROLL Bergey, Blake  Bilodeau, Jacob Hodgson, Rayevyn  Hubbard, Samuel  Kahle, Gabriel Lang, Kaylee McCall, Hailey Thomas, Owen 7th GRADE HONOR ROLL Busby, Daltyn Greene, Julia  O'Connell, Lilyana Pitcher, Jackson  Stupke, Trista 8th GRADE HIGH HONOR ROLL Card, Jackson  ...

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