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Reading Challenge Reading Challenge   Over the holiday break, kids at the elementary school were challenged to read for 200 minutes.  We had 45 kids meet the challenge.  Those that met the requirements were treated to a ice cream party!  The kids earned it and showed they enjoy ice cream and toppings almost as much as reading!!!   ...
Skip Counting Skip Counting   Faces covered, but feet uncovered, Mrs. O'Donnell's students hop their way through skip counting.  Students were using the Math and Movement mats for skip counting and learning multiplication facts.  
The  Price of Tacos The Price of Tacos Mrs. O'Donnell's students are figuring out if 6 tacos are $18, how much is one taco?
"Ice Fishing"   Mrs. Whitney’s kindergarten group went “ice fishing” to practice letter identification and sounds. Everyone had a great time fishing for letters!  
Johnny Cakes Johnny Cakes The 7th and 8th grade co-taught Social Studies class made Johnny Cakes as part of their study of the Revolutionary War.  ~Mrs. Langford and Mrs. Goodwin
Girls Varsity Basketball Girls Varsity Basketball On January 4, the Girls Varsity Basketball team record was 2-2.  They placed 3rd in the Fabius Pompey Christmas Tournament.  Congratulations to the following girls: Hailey McCall, Hannah Wilson, Madison Sweeney, Mariah Thompson, Heather Magee, Alexi McCall, Allie West, and Eden Sears.  We have a great group of girls who enjoy playing basketball together. ~Coach Wilson
Friday Findings January 7,  2022 Friday Findings January 7, 2022
Coding Skills Coding Skills Through the month of December students at the elementary school worked hard on the concept of coding.  They used both technology and non-technology activities to develop their coding skills.  The students learned what a programmer does as well as read, wrote, and created their own codes. 
Edible DNA Edible DNA   Sixth and seventh grade students in Mrs. Ripley's Co-Taught Science Class made edible DNA models.
'Twas the Day Before Christmas Break 'Twas the Day Before Christmas Break Mrs. Young's first graders: "T'was the day before Christmas break and what to teach?"  Academics of course!   Writing : write goodbye letters to Mr. Anderson along with researching funny jokes to ask him.  He always made us laugh with his jokes!   Health : recognition of right side vs. left side along with body stretches by playing Holiday Twister.   ...
Santa Parachute Santa Parachute   Before break students in grades 2 through 5 put their engineering skills to work create a parachute for Santa.  The challenge was to have Santa land upright and intact so he could retrieve presents.  The students came up with their own designs using various materials.  The students kept Santa safe so he could do his work!!
Mystery Samples of Matter Mystery Samples of Matter   Students in Mrs. Ripley's science classes have recently begun a "Matter and Its Interactions" unit which they are really excited about.  In this investigation, students are observing and recording properties of mystery samples.  They then had to decide if they were observing physical or chemical properties ...
Solar Farm Visit Solar Farm Visit The fourth graders have been exploring electric circuits, renewable energy, and nonrenewable energy in Science.  To end the unit, the students had an amazing opportunity to visit Mr. and Mrs. Christofferson’s solar farm.  The students spoke with Mr. Christofferson and the project manager, Mr. Boone, about the project, how the panels work, and how it will benefit the people ...
High School Yearbook High School Yearbook   Yearbook students are working hard to create and edit 112 pages of memories this year!
Salute to Safety Patrol Salute to Safety Patrol Our fifth grade Safety Patrol members have been hard at work this year!  AAA School Safety Patrol members are expected to take their duties seriously.  Our Safety Patrol members demonstrate many of our Positivity Project traits while reporting to duty.  Some of these traits have included: Bravery, Self Control, Teamwork, Kindness, and Integrity.     ...
Elementary Holiday Music Elementary Holiday Music   Elementary Grade 3 - 5 Band and Chorus Performances on December 8, 2021  
Chorus at Christmas Tree Lighting Chorus at Christmas Tree Lighting  Mrs. Elia took a small group of Junior and Senior Chorus students to sing at the Lamont Library's annual Christmas Tree Lighting event!
FBLA  Food Drive FBLA Food Drive   FBLA Business Students helped to organize and collect over 1,150 items and cash donations to donate to our local food pantry and the McGraw Methodist Church.
Friday Findings December 17, 2021 Friday Findings December 17, 2021
Art Club Painting Party Art Club Painting Party We held our second Art Club workshop after school on Friday, December 3.  This time we had a "Painting Party".  Together we painted a Gnome and combined several different mediums.  We used acrylic paints for the faux wooden frame and gnome, pom poms for the hat, artificial poinsettias for the corner ...

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