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PE Outdoor Education PE Outdoor Education   As the weather starts to change and get colder, Mr. Crumb and Mrs. Hughes want to remind the McGraw families that Physical Education classes will still be held outside as much as possible.  Due to covid regulations for Physical Education and indoor space being limited, this is our best way to keep your children safe while also meeting state requirements.  We ask for your help to ...
Friday Findings 10/23/2020 Friday Findings 10/23/2020
Mitosis with Oreos Mitosis with Oreos Learning about mitosis (cell reproduction) in 7th grade science has never been so sweet!   After learning about mitosis and organizing drawings of the four stages (prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase), students made visual representations using Oreos.  Each learner quickly took a picture with their creation to share with Mrs. DiFulvio, ...
Geography News Geography News   Fifth grade geography is way more fun when it comes alive!  The students in Mrs. Frink and Mrs. Leach’s class have been exploring geography around the world.  We have learned about landforms, the oceans, continents, longitude and latitude, and map skills.  This year, exploring continents was a little more interesting because ...
Friday Findings 10/16/2020 Friday Findings 10/16/2020
RADD Response RADD Response   Mrs. Frink’s and Mrs. Leach’s 5th grade class has started the year off great!  In ELA, we have been focusing on the strategies of close reading, finding the main idea and writing RADD (Restate, Answer, Detail, Detail)  responses.  For close reading the students annotate the text with underlining and pictures.  ...
Teamwork Teamwork     Fun Friday in Mrs. McMullin's room, practicing teamwork skills building with some toys.
Welcome to PreK Welcome to PreK   Mrs. V's PreK class is off to a busy start!  This month we have been enjoying getting to know each other and learning how to play together safely in our "Welcome to Pre-K" unit.  Our favorite things about school so far are being outside and engaging in our S.T.E.A.M. learning centers.  So many great new friendships ...
Welcome Mr. Anderson Welcome Mr. Anderson Welcome Mr. William (Bill) Anderson to McGraw Elementary Cafeteria.  Mr. Anderson is from Cortland (Little York).  He is married to wife, Jan, who retired from McGraw School in 2017.  They have four children, 13 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren.  He attended SUNY Morrisville College then became self-employed for 36+ years.  Mr. Anderson spends his free time ...
Regents Challenge Regents Challenge Mr. Brown challenged his Earth Science students to score a 95 or higher on the June 2019 Earth Science Regents Exam.  If they succeeded, he would dress in costume for a day.  Abigail Morse received a grade higher than 95 and picked a Batman costume for Mr. Brown to wear.  Congratulations Abigail on this amazing achievement!
7th Grade Experiments 7th Grade Experiments Seventh grade science students are working on creating the procedures for their own experiment.  After 24 hours, they used their Chromebooks to begin daily photographing of their labs and looking for subtle changes.  Then beginning to use microscopes, Mrs. DiFulvio's students are amazed at what they can see on their slides.    
Reading Laura Ingalls Wilder Reading Laura Ingalls Wilder   The students in Mrs. Langford and Mrs. Goodwin's co-taught 6-8 Social Studies class have been reading "Little House in the Big Woods" by Laura Ingalls Wilder. This book is helping our students learn about westward expansion and they are really enjoying it!  In the book, the Ingalls family makes apples with cloves as pretty ...
Remote Partner Remote Partner     This student who is socially distanced from her classmates works with her partner, a remote learner, through Google Meet.  
Welcome Mrs. Hurlbert Welcome Mrs. Hurlbert Welcome Mrs. Cindy Hurlbert to McGraw High School as a Teacher Aide.  She is a district resident, living in Cortlandville.  “I am married to my wonderful husband of 20 years, Roydell Hurlbert,” she says.  Mrs. Hurlbert graduated from Cortland High School.  She has taken online classes and has a lot of life experiences.  Previously she worked at SUNY Cortland ...
Fresh Air Learning Fresh Air Learning Utilizing our amazing green spaces to socially distance, 7th grade science students are working on creating the procedures for their own experiment.
Enthusiastic Pre-K Enthusiastic Pre-K   Boys and girls in Mrs. McCool's newly added Pre-Kindergarten class are so excited and enthusiastic to start school this September. We are busy learning about each other, new toys in our classroom, and the whole school.  We are off to an ENTHUSIASTIC start!
Welcome Mrs. Wood Welcome Mrs. Wood Welcome Mrs. Rebecca Wood to McGraw School District.  She’ll be working as the School Psychologist Intern this year.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education from Susquehanna University and worked as a teacher before pursuing a career as a school psychologist.  She is currently finishing her Master of Science/Certificate of Advanced Study at SUNY ...
Welcome Miss Granteed Welcome Miss Granteed Welcome Nicole Granteed to McGraw Elementary as the PK-4th Grade School Counselor.  She hails from Liverpool, NY.  She attended SUNY Oswego for her undergrad, and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Human Development. While at Oswego, she worked as a direct care worker at the YMCA, which worked directly with special needs. After graduation she decided to further ...
Welcome Mrs. Cranston-Barrese Welcome Mrs. Cranston-Barrese Welcome Mrs. Raina Cranston-Barrese to McGraw High School.  She is the new 12:1:3 Special Education Teacher.  You may know her because she was a substitute teacher last year at the elementary school.  Mrs. Cranston-Barrese attended SUNY Oswego for childhood education, and SUNY Cortland for Masters in teaching students with disabilities.  The newlywed (just married ...
Learn To Skate Learn To Skate First Graders are FREE! See the flyer for details:  Learn To Skate

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