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Mrs. Heather Frink's 5th Grade Page

Mrs. Frink 


Here is a little bit about me:

This is currently my fourth year at McGraw, but prior coming to McGraw I worked at Norwich City School District for 5 years.  My first year in Norwich and teaching, I was a special education teacher for 3rd and 4th grade.  After completing that year, I moved to 4th grade English Language Arts where I taught for 4 years prior to coming to McGraw. My time in McGraw has has been absolutely amazing. Thank you all for helping make it so amazing.

Teaching is more than a job for me it is my passion.  I look forward to spending many years in McGraw as a teacher, making a difference in all the lives I come in contact with.

Life Experiences

I currently live in Cincinnatus, NY with my husband and two small children on a small hobby farm. In my free time I  enjoy cleaning, spending time with my family, watching my son and daughter play sports and dirt racing (I don’t drive the car! I am not tall enough the reach the pedals, but my husband does own and drives the car).
I was born in Houston, Texas, but soon after my parents moved back to Cincinnatus where they grew up.  I  attended Cincinnatus Central School for my whole elementary and high school career. Growing up in a small community taught me many important lessons about life. Those lessons have been instilled in me today and I firmly believe small communities are the place to live and serve.

After graduating from high school, I attended SUNY Cortland for both my undergraduate and graduate degrees.  

My Heroes

Growing up I was blessed with two amazing role models, my mom and my grandma. They both taught me to never give up, persevere through even when it’s tough, be kind, be respectful, but speak the truth, and always give back to those around you.

After losing my grandmother, I learned life isn’t forever and to live every day to the fullest.  She always said “Live, Laugh and Love”

I hold current certifications in:
Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education
Bachelor of Science in Childhood Education
Masters of Science in Students with Disabilities

One of my favorite quotes is

Don’t give up! I believe in all. A person is a person no matter how small. ~ Dr. Suess

Please feel free to contact me at:
607-836-3600 ext 4570
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Melinda McCool, Superintendent
10 West Academy Street
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