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Growing In Kindergarten

Growing in Kindergarten

Did you know that the word Kindergarten originated from Germany and literally means “garden of children”?
     As a gardener would tend to his plants by watching their growth, giving the plant what it needs, supporting when and where it is needed- the teachers and staff here at McGraw strive to do just that for the kindergarten children.
     This year will be a time when these children grow and begin to bloom!  As they learn about letters and sounds, how to put them together to make words and then words into sentences, they begin to grow as readers and writers.  This is such an exciting time for us all- as parents, teachers, and growing children.
     Early literacy isn’t the only thing blooming in Kindergarten!  Mathematical skills are as well.  Children will be learning lots about numbers as well as how to compose and decompose numbers.  They will also gain a foundation for place value, describe and compare measurable attributes and identify both 2-D and 3-D shapes.
     Soon we will begin a new Science curriculum that will engage children in learning about weather and climate.  It is sure to be another opportunity to see the Kindergarten children grow…this time as scientists. 
     As we spent the year learning and playing together, we will surely see this “garden of children” grow both academically and socially.  Watching them ‘bloom’ will be amazing!

Terri Valentine- Kindergarten teacher

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