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First Grade Field Trip

The first graders enjoyed their first field trip of the school year.  It was an in-school trip which concluded our lessons about apples and pumpkins during October.  When students were in Mrs. Bassett’s Absolutely, Awesome Apple Orchard they learned how to make applesauce and sequence the recipe.  Apple trees were created by rolling dice and gluing crate paper to a handmade tree.  Students also had the chance to taste different colored apples and graph their results.  When students were in Mrs. Young’s Pleasantly, Perky Pumpkin Patch they made predictions using real pumpkins, then used the pumpkins to write about pumpkins their five senses.  Students also made paper jack-o-lanterns using pattern block shapes to crate faces.  It was a busy day and also gave us a chance to work in another first grade classroom with other students.  Our Fall treats for that day included applesauce, various kinds of apples, kid-friendly Pumpkin Latte, and pumpkin muffins.  Yum!
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