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Investigating Otzi the Iceman

One of the fifth grade groups is reading an informational text about Otzi the Iceman during their ELA RTI period. This group-chosen text intrigued the students because it explores the 5,300-year-old cold case of the Iceman’s demise. This text is rich in content within the disciplines of forensic science, archaeology, and biology. The students have devised their own theories about this mystery and debated over the scientific theories presented in the text. This reading has further piqued their interest in past civilizations and the mummification process. From this fascination, the next topic to explore will be the mummification process in Ancient Egypt. The text will be paired with a lab in which the students will mummify hot dogs and record their observations on the effects of this process. The students are excited to continue digging deeper into this riveting content!
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