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Technology in Schools


What is the role of technology in schools?  Can laptops, iPads, and Chromebooks serve as helpful educational resources?  Or, does their presence in schools create unnecessary distractions while adding to the growing concerns about the dangers of too much screen time?  These questions have been at the heart of discussions within Mr. Farfaglia’s English 10 classes over the last few weeks. During this time, students have been planning and crafting argumentative essays about whether or not it is a good idea for school districts to supply each student with a device to use throughout the year.  The process began with students reading a variety of articles with a diverse set of opinions about the subject.  Then, students adopted an inquiry approach by generating their own questions to learn more about the district’s current policies.  With the help of Technology Director, Kevin Solan, students received answers to those questions, which allowed them to review authentic data related to the school’s resources.  Equipped this information, students were fully prepared to write.  Look for samples of exemplary student work posted in the halls near High School Room 10.
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