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Let the Games Begin!

Winter STEM Activities...Let the Games Begin!!
The Winter Games have made their way into Mrs. McCool's class!  Students who have completed their daily independent work assignments were given the task of building and racing a snowboarder. Prior to building the snowboarder and their board, they each received a "Winter Games STEM (Science Technology Engineering and MATH) Journal" detailing the assignment, supplies and task.   Within each journal was a written passage about the background of the winter sport and questions they needed to respond to prior to building the snowboarder and his or her board.   Each student was given a bag of supplies and only their own imagination and engineering skills to construct the "Boarder".  They needed to plan; including drawing their design and a written component of what they were going to build; build, reflect, and report on their design; and finally RACE their "Boarder".  It was exciting to watch the different approaches the students took to reach the same outcome and the teamwork involved in the implementation of the design.  Maybe there will even be a gold medalist among the crew! Way to go second graders!!

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