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Measurement Monsters

Measurement Monsters Take over Third Grade

Recently, third graders in Mrs. O’Donnell’s science classes have been learning about metric and standard (customary) units of measure. During this science unit, students created measurement monsters using specific measurements of inches and centimeters. Students were excited about using measuring tools to design the different parts of the monster’s body. Each day students were enthusiastic about completing the next step of their creation. When students were finished they then used their imagination to decorate their own unique measurement monster.

Tracey O’Donnell/Maureen Gorman

Create a Measurement Monster at Home:

Please read ALL the directions carefully before you begin. Follow the directions EXACTLY to create a Measurement Monster! Be sure to start at the top and center of the paper.

Materials: white card stock (paper), a ruler with centimeters and inches, pencils, and crayons or colored pencils

1.Draw a 2½ inch square head.
2.The body length is 10 centimeters and the width is 6 inches.
3.Each leg is 3 inches long and the width is 4 centimeters.
4.The length of each foot is 3 centimeters and the width is 4 centimeters.
5.Draw 3 toes on each foot that are 1 centimeter in length and 1 centimeter apart.
6.Each arm is 7 centimeters long and the width is 1 inch.
7. The hands are 2 equilateral triangles.
8.Draw right triangles that are 2 centimeters long for its eyes.
9.Draw a hexagon for a nose.
10. Draw a pentagon on each side of your monster’s head.
11.Create your own mouth.

  Use your unique imagination to color and decorate your Measurement Monster
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