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Grade 2 Published Authors

McGraw 2nd graders in Mrs. Rolewicz’s classroom know what it takes to become published authors!  Together, with the help of their teachers, students created a story that officially turned into a published book.  Students collaborated and worked together right down to the smallest details.  First, they brainstormed ideas and came up with a topic and theme for their story.  Then, they developed characters, a setting, a problem, and a solution that shaped their one-of- a- kind story.  This story was very important to them as it is based around bullying awareness.  The story takes place in a candy land world full of delicious characters that work together to stand up for one another against bullying.  The students researched bullying to gain knowledge and develop a creative and appealing piece of literature that could reach many of their fellow peers.   Over several weeks, this amazing story finally came together and was sent away in anticipation of being published.  The class and teachers were thrilled to receive a hard cover published copy of the story they dedicated so many hours to.  The authors celebrated with their families during a red carpet ribbon cutting ceremony.  Please take the time to check out this masterpiece in our Elementary School Library, written and illustrated by our own McGraw eaglets. 
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