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Kindergarten Dreams 2020

Over the past few months, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, our McGraw kindergarten students have been forced to deal with many changes in their lives—from the things and people they could no longer see on a regular basis, to the way we expected them to keep on learning and growing as students. Throughout all of it, they have made us proud. This was not at all easy for them, or for their families, but they adjusted.

Yet not everything had to change. In the midst of all the constant transitions occurring around them, these children were able to hold on to some extremely important and precious qualities: their imaginations and their aspirations. As educators, we try to latch on to this part of our students early and show them how to explore and discover the things in this world that can make their dreams come true.

At the end of every kindergarten year, we like to check in with our kiddos and ask them what their hopes are for their futures. Though we usually do this in a formal Kindergarten Celebration setting, we decided to make one more adjustment this school year and enlist the help of our students’ families during “remote learning.” The result is a video collection recording the enthusiasm and the voices that we need to listen to, and continue to support, in the pursuit of those dreams.

Once again, we are extremely proud of these happy little humans, and we wish them all of the best things in life, including the realization of their dreams. The pursuit may require more difficult adjustments for them, for their families, and for their teachers, but one thing will never change: There will always be a way.

See their video here:

~Mrs. Boland
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