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Welcome Mr. Abdo

Welcome Mr. Nathan Abdo (pictured on the left) to McGraw High School as a Business Education Teacher.  He graduated from West Genesee High School in 2017.  He began his education at Onondaga Community College with an associate’s degree in liberal arts, and is finishing at Oswego State University with a degree in Business & Marketing Education in the Career and Technical Education Program.  Mr. Abdo also has a minor in Athletic coaching.

Mr. Abdo’s family includes Mom, Dad, younger brother, Kyle, and the family dog, Penny. He also has two sets of grandparents who are very supportive and important to his success.  When asked how he spends his free time, Mr. Abdo says, “My brother and I took up after our father at a young age for a love of sports.  We used to wake up before school to be able to watch a full episode of SportsCenter.  When I am not playing basketball or trying to stay active, I am probably in front of the TV watching whatever sports are on.  I have met a lot of close friends through playing sports and sharing a passion for watching them.”  One of the things on his bucket list is to visit every NBA stadium.  So far he has been to three of twenty-nine:  Cleveland, Toronto, and Brooklyn. 
Mr. Abdo shares, “In my short time to begin this school year I really couldn’t imagine a better place to start my young career.  It’s obvious how close knit the community is and how much the school means.  It is important to me to be a part of that and continue helping build the futures of the next generation of students that come through McGraw.”
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