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Solar Farm Fishing


To end the school year, Mr. Dwyer, Mrs. Frink, Mrs. Leach, and Mr. D’ Antonio took the 4th grade classes back to the solar farm to see the completed version.  In addition, they researched fishing, did various writing assignments about fishing, designed fishing poles and created them with a partner.  The students then got to try out their fishing poles in the pond at the solar farm.  Every group caught a fish!
A huge thank you to:
Mrs. McCool for setting up the field trip and allowing us to go
Mr. and Mrs. Christofferson for allowing us to visit their home
Mr. McCall for providing transportation
Mr. Barnhart, Mr. Cruikshank, and Mr. Thorick for helping with fishing
Mr. Bilodeau for making lunch

Here is their video of fun: Fishing
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