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Director of Special Education
Committee on Special Education Chair (CSE)
Karen Genzel, Ph.D.

Phone Number:  607-836-8619;      Fax Number 607-836-3609

School Psychologist/Pre-School Committee on Special Education Chair (PCSE) 
Beverly Dodici, Ph.D.

Phone Number:  607-836-3661

CPSE/CSE Secretary : Amy Cortez

Phone Number:  607-836-8619;     Fax Number 607-836-3609



ES Special Education Teachers        Jr. HS Special Education Teachers        HS Special Education Teachers                         
Danielle Burhans                                                    Candy Farris                                              Dan Briggs
Sarah Leach                                                            Brooke Langford                                       Lissa Lipfert
Jaclyn McMullen                                                                                           
Caitlin Neske   
Megan Turshman

Related Service Providers
Valerie Wright, Speech and Language
Jennifer McConnell, Physical Therapist - Cortland Regional
Greta Sieve, Occupational Therapist 



 The McGraw Central School District offers a continuum of special education services to eligible students. The district provides resource room support, indirect and direct consultant teacher support, and 15:1 and 5:1 instructional special class services. We also provide related services including speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, vision therapy, mobility and orientation therapy, adaptive physical education, school counseling, and audiological services for our students.

Special Education District Plan 2017-2019



 The Committee on Special Education (CSE) meets throughout the year to review students who have an educational disability.  The committee arranges to meet with parents at a mutually convenient date and time.  Meetings are usually held in the student’s school so that teachers can attend.



 The Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) meets throughout the year to review preschool students ages three and four who have an educational disability.  This committee arranges to meet with parents at a mutually convenient date and time.  These meetings are usually held at the elementary school in the conference room.


 The Section 504 Committee meets throughout the year to review students who meet the criteria for special accommodations. The criteria include medical, psychological, and educational issues that have a direct and substantial impact on the student’s education.  The Committee arranges meetings at a mutually convenient date and time.  Meetings are usually held in the student’s school so that teachers can attend.

Helpful Links:

Procedural Safeguards 

NY State Special Education Department
NYSED's Web Site for Current Materials and Resources: Implementation of the NYS PK-12 Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS)
US Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs IDEA website

Syracuse University Parent Advocacy Center (SUPAC)

Syracuse University Parent Advocacy Center (SUPAC)  Events Calendar Fall 2016

Rights Regarding Referral and Evaluation For Special Education ServicesRights For Special EducationRev2.pdf
If you have questions regarding the special education referral and evaluation process please contact the Director of Special Education:

Karen W. Genzel, Ph.D.
Director of Special Education, Committee on Special Education Chairperson, and Section 504 Coordinator
 Phone Number:  607-836-8619;     Fax Number 607-836-3609

NYS School District Administrator Permanent Certification, Syracuse University
NYS School Administrator/Supervisor Permanent Certification 
Doctor of Philosophy in School Psychology, The Pennsylvania State University
Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, Loyola College, MD
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Randolph-Macon Woman's College, VA
NYS High School Regents Diploma, Orchard Park CSD

Professional Experience  
7-12 Grade Principal, Cincinnatus CSD
7-12 Grade Principal and Director of Special Education, DeRuyter CSD
Director of Special Education/Curriculum, DeRuyter CSD
Assistant Director of Special Education, Baldwinsville CSD
7-8 Grade School Administrator, 
Syracuse City School District (SCSD)
K-12 School Psychologist, SCSD
K-12 School Psychologist, Bellefonte CSD, PA
Graduate Research Assistant, Penn State University, PA
Graduate Teaching Assistant, Loyola College, MD

Summer School Teacher, Villa Maria Children's Residential Center, MD
Summer School Teaching Assistant, Villa Maria Children's Residential Center, MD
Behavioral Support Staff, The Children's Guild, MD
"Tell me and I forget,
Teach me and I may remember, 
Involve me and I learn."

~ Benjamin Franklin
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Melinda McCool, Superintendent
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