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Marshmallow Mural

It’s Cold Out but, Oh, So Yummy!

The elementary students had the option to enter a hallway contest which was held in December.  Mrs. Young’s first grade classroom came up with an idea for their hall mural after listening to a story about snowmen in the winter.  The illustrated snowmen in the story were really round and puffy and reminded the students of marshmallows.  They also enjoyed the snow animals throughout the story.  With this in mind, they asked if their mural could have marshmallows on it and characters from the story.  Students worked together to create a winter scene using marshmallows.  They also learned to make paper snowflakes and then researched facts about marshmallows.  Each student’s snowflake on the mural lifts up to tell a fact learned about marshmallows.  Did you know that the largest s’more weighed 1,600 pounds?  The class was overjoyed when they found out they won second place in the contest and won a free ice cream treat.  Later on a preschooler was caught licking it, “Yum, yum!”

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