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Medieval Feast


Mr Seamans, with the help of his 9th grade Global Studies classes, held a Medieval Feast to wrap up studies on the Middle Ages. The feast opened with the introduction of the “king and queen,” Mr. DiMorier and Mrs. McCool, who wore beautiful crowns that were hand-crafted by Chelsea Cobb. The bishop, Mr. Freeman, followed close behind the king and queen; the lords and ladies after him. Caleb Knickerbocker and Shaylea Vasquez, Josh Parks and Paris Allington, Dakota Nauseef and Sarah Thornton, and Morgan Oot and Anna Wright all represented their houses at the head table. Next to those nobles sat their knights: Isaiah Barber, Seth Darling, Mason Eaton, and Hayden Albro (who fabricated a knight’s helmet by hand.)

The feast was impeccable, featuring chicken drumsticks, courtesy of Mr. Seamans; Chelsi Cowen’s chicken pot pie; Brock Montesano’s cinnamon-chicken soup; Morgan Oot’s venison patties; apple, peach, and strawberry tarts brought by Neka Long, Alyssa Czimback, and Allison Hinkle; deviled eggs from Paris Allington; applesauce from Caitlin Luzum; and venison chili from Mr. Brown. A number of other pre-Columbian Exchange foods were shared as well--thank you so much to all students who contributed-- your participation was not overlooked!

During the feast, the head table and commoners (students) enjoyed musical, poetic, and acrobatic entertainment provided by Brok Montesano, Hannah Fitzgerald, Bailee Guernsey, Michael Levitskiy, Lindsey Watrous, Neka Long and Bailey Meade. The knights of all four houses ended the entertainment with a friendly combat presentation.

The students--like in the Middle Ages--enjoyed the fruits of their hard work as they indulged in this replica of a Medieval Feast. Students be sure to thank Mr. Seamans for organizing such a unique experience!
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