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Writing, Writing, and More Writing

First grade students have been busy writing.  They made snowmen and then described their snowman using adjectives such as number, color,
and size.  They also made mittens and described the color and patterns on them.  They read many stories about gingerbread men.  Next, they colored
their gingerbread man and gingerbread house.  Then they described what they looked like.  Afterwards, they responded in writing where they kept
their gingerbread house, what was in it, and why it was special.  First graders were then treated to a scavenger hunt looking for the gingerbread
man.  One clue led to the next.  Afterwards they found the gingerbread man and they all shared it.  They read polar bear stories and made polar bears.  On the paws they wrote polar bear facts.  Great job writing, first graders!
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